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October 7-9th, 2022 at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY

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The Canine Science Conference returns Oct 7-9th, 2022


After the success of the first and second Canine Science Conference previously held in AZ, we are going ahead with a return to the conference, but in a different location: Central New York state is beautiful in October.

For a decade now, European scientists have gathered every second year to share the latest findings in canine science of all kinds at the Canine Science Forum. This year, for the third time, we will organize a similar event in North America. There is great demand among behavioral ecologists, psychologists, ethologists, geneticists, archeologists, veterinary behaviorists, anthrozoologists, anthropologists, physiologists, anatomists and other scientists in North America for an opportunity to come together and share our latest findings.

Presentations at the Canine Science Conference 2022 will consist of a mix of plenary keynote speakers, contributed research talks, and posters on current issues in canine science. We anticipate 200 delegates.


Target Audience: Scientists, scholars, students and professionals working in fields relevant to canids, such as animal welfare, behavior, ethology, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, anthropology, aging, physiology, and veterinary medicine.

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Dr. Daniel Promislow
UW Medicine and The Dog Aging Project

Dr. Franco Guscetti
Institute of Veterinary
Pathology, University of

Dr. Monique Udell
Oregon State University

Dr. Bridgett vonHoldt
Princeton University

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POSTER and TALK information


Posters need to fit on boards which are 4' high and 8' wide. 

That is about 1.2 m x 2.4 m.


Regular oral presentations are scheduled as 15-minute presentations, but please plan your actual presentation to be completed in 12 minutes; allowing time to answer questions as these make the sessions much more interactive. Time limits will be strictly enforced. Presenters should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and introduce themselves to the chairperson of the session.

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COVID-19 Information

This will be a solely in-person meeting. Should COVID-19 infections increase or another variant arise immediately prior to the meeting, the meeting will be postponed for a later date. THERE ARE NO REMOTE OR VIRTUAL options available for attendees.

Poster and talk information
COVID-19 information

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You need not present at the meeting to attend. But, you do have to register to attend AND to present. 


The deadline for registration will be September 15th, 2022 11:59 PM EST (there will not be a registration deadline extension).


REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! There will NOT be on-site, day-of registration. If you did not register for the conference by September 15th, 2022, attendance will be denied at entry.

*There are no options for partial registration*

**Registration fees will be UNREFUNDABLE stating at 5 P.M. EST September 29th, 2022.**

  • Non-student registration fee $350

  • Student registration fee (IDs will be checked at check-in) $100


Conference T-shirts and totes are available for purchase here. Orders for these will close on September 15th, 2022.



Guidelines for the abstract

Title: must be informative and concise


Abstract text:

  1. should be concise, informative and explicit

  2. must be no longer than 200 words (including any citations and references, but excluding title, authors’ names and affiliations)

  3. should include (as a single section with no sub-headings):

    1. a brief introduction to the study and its objectives

    2. methods - including a description of the sample and the study design, data collection and analysis

    3. main results, including statistical tests, significance levels and test values (e.g., F(2,22) = 5.9, p < 0.05)

    4. principal conclusions and implications for the field.

    5. A maximum of three references can be included only if strictly necessary. They should be listed alphabetically in the following format: Last name, Initials, Year, Journal name in the accepted abbreviation, volume number, page numbers. (e.g., Mastrota, F. M., & Mench, J. A., 1994. Appl. Anim. Behav. Sci. 42, 109-119). Any references are included in the 200-word limit.


All references in the reference list should be cited in-text (and vice-versa) with the format: Last name et al., year of publication (e.g., Brown, 1999; Brown et al., 2005; Adams & Brown, 2013).

Abstracts longer than 200 words will be truncated at 200 words.


To submit your abstract, please go here: Abstract submission has now closed!


The NEW abstract submission deadline is CLOSED!

Registration and abstract submission
Location information

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Hamilton, NY is a small town in rural Central New York. Life is a bit different here, so we hope you are ready for a new experience! Things you may be used to in big cities (or even medium sized cities!) are not a thing here. For example, we don’t have ubers, uber eats, or zip cars. Luckily, we can walk almost anywhere! And most restaurants do takeout.


Getting here:

The two biggest nearby airports are in Ithaca, NY (two hours away) and in Syracuse, NY (an hour away). If you fly into Ithaca, you will have to rent a car, and drive to Hamilton. If you fly into Syracuse, you can schedule a Colgate shuttle to come get you and bring you to Hamilton ( or you can rent a car and drive down to Hamilton. You can also fly into NYC, and take the AMTRAK into Utica (about a 4-6 hr train ride—and BEAUTIFUL in October). You will have to rent a car and drive from Utica to Hamilton (about 35 mins) or you can schedule the Colgate shuttle (same link as above) to come get you.

For more information, please go here.



Rooms are limited within Hamilton, and those rooms will go quickly! Colgate University has blocked 75 rooms at Hotel One75, which is a 2 min drive from Colgate. Please, go here to book your room.

For other lodging options in and around Hamilton, please go here

You can always check on Airbnb as well!



Colgate Inn

Oliveri’s Pizzeria

Rusch’s bar and Grill

Good Nature brewery (a bit of a walk from campus)

Hamilton Inn (a bit of a drive-5 mins from town, but GREAT food)

Outside of Hamilton-- driving distance-- in order of proximity to Hamilton:

Ray Brother’s BBQ (Bouckville—they have received the Food Network award for best ribs in the State of New York)

Ye Olde Landmark Tavern (Bouckville)

Poolville country store (Poolville)

Copper Turret (Morrisville)

Michael’s (Waterville)

Lincklaen House (Cazenovia)

The Brewster Inn (Cazenovia)

Meier's creek brewery (Cazenovia)

Owera vineyards (Cazenovia)


A map of Colgate's campus can be found here.


The Program

2019 CSC participants

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2017 CSC participants

Previous conferences
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